Deploy to Salesforce DX is a tool that can deploy an application to Salesforce directly from Github using the tools provided by Salesforce DX. When you login with your Dev Hub credentials, you generate an access token that is used to create a scratch org and run all subsequent operations. This access token is only used during the deployment process and is stored in a browser cookie; it is not stored anywhere else.

Deploy to Salesforce DX is a community project intended to help developers explore Salesforce DX. There is no official support, but you can log an issue at https://github.com/wadewegner/deploy-to-sfdx/issues. While every effort is made to ensure it operates without error, please use at your own risk.

To learn more about Salesforce DX, take a look at these resources:

Salesforce DX Setup Guide (Beta)
Salesforce DX Developer Guide (Beta)
Salesforce CLI Command Reference (Beta)
Force.com IDE 2 Developer Guide (Beta)
Salesforce DX Beta Success Community Group

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Written and shared by Wade Wegner under Apache 2.0 License and available at https://github.com/wadewegner/deploy-to-sfdx. User experience designed by Ben Snyder. Contributions from Andrew Fawcett.