Want to try your own repo?

It's easy. Just use the button.

Add the following source to your GitHub repo README:


Next, create a .salesforcedx.yaml file in your repo (use what you need):

scratch-org-def: config/project-scratch-def.json assign-permset: true permset-name: yourpermset run-apex-tests: true delete-scratch-org: false show-scratch-org-url: true open-path: c/YourCustomApp.app data-plans: - ./data/YourCustomObject1__c-plan.json - ./data/YourCustomObject2__c-plan.json

That's it! See the https://github.com/wadewegner/sfdx-simple for an example of the button in action!

Embedding the button in an article or blog? Be sure to use the template parameter adjusting it to your GitHub repo.


Written and shared by Wade Wegner under Apache 2.0 License and available at https://github.com/wadewegner/deploy-to-sfdx. User experience designed by Ben Snyder. Contributions from Andrew Fawcett.